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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Shop Strong!

As the parent you have an important job of providing your kiddos with healthy food options and that job starts at the grocery store.  We have all probably done this before, you are running around and realize you need food for dinner, you are overly hungry and run to the store...uh oh!!!  This is a recipe for a disaster!

While it may not always be avoidable we want to encourage all parents to go to the grocery store at times when they are feeling strong and healthy so they will then in turn choose healthy options for their family.

Also, be prepared when you go to the store.  Think about the days ahead, determine which days you will be able to cook and go to the store with a shopping list in hand of the items you need.  Stick to that list because once you start going off the list next thing you know you will look down to a cart of snacks that come in a box (the healthy snack options don't come from a box) and sugary or salty "extras".

Finally, most grocery stores are designed with the essentials and healthier options around the perimeter of the store so keep that in mind as you go up and down those interior aisles.  Stay around the edges as much as possible and don't even bother taking a trip down the snack/cookie aisle!

I have found that if I can Shop Strong that I offer healthier options through out the week.  If I Shop Weak, then I spend the entire week fighting my will power at home.  Make it easier on yourself and Shop Strong!!

How to Shop STRONG!
1. Avoid shopping while hungry
2. Make a list and plan the coming days meals
3. Shop around the edges of the store

THINK PINK - Parents Introducing Nutrition to Kids

*This post is written by Megan Reilly a registered dietitian and co-owner of Tippi Toes Dance Company.