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Welcome to the heart of Tippi Toes Dance Company! Here you will find insights from our incredible franchisees, experiences from inside the Tippi Toes dance classes around the country (aka hilarious and sweet things that come straight from our little dancers), a sense of our Tippi Toes culture as well as suggestions for how parents can provide healthy lifestyles for their families.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Importance of Activity for Kids

"A new study of how preschoolers spend their days may make you want to run around screaming, which is apparently more than the tykes themselves get to do. After interviewing child-care providers from 34 very different Cincinnati-area centers—urban to suburban, Head Start to high income—researchers found that kids spend an average of only 2% to 3% of their day in "vigorous activities."
Can you imagine that? Children spending 97% of their day not running around? It's like a desk job, except with cookie time. Excuse me—apple time. When you consider that three-quarters of American kids aged 3 to 5 are in some kind of preschool program and a lot of them come home only to eat, sleep and go back again, this is beyond sad—it's bad."
Yikes!!  The idea of our children's daily routine being compared to a desk job is very vivid and unsettling.  Kids need to have the time to be free, active and physical every day so that they can grow up with activity being a staple in their lives.  
At Tippi Toes one of our main goals is to present activity and exercise in a fun, exciting, positive manner.  We want children to leave class and go home wanting to play "dance class" at home which of course leads to even more activity.  
Let's keep our kids moving so they can live long, healthy, happy lives!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thank YOU!

We are so lucky to be in the business of making kids happy!  Thanks to our incredible Tippi Toes families we have the privilege of teaching kids how to dance, be confident, make new friends, learn a skill, work hard, follow directions, be silly and be polite.
Parents and grandparents give us a chance every week to impact their child's life and we take that honor very seriously!  While in class we get to be silly and entertaining with the kids and we take those endearing and special moments with us as we continue on through the day.  We know that those 45 minutes are precious and so we do everything we can to be sure that the dancers enjoy every minute.
This is just a Thank you to all of the parents who allow their children to participate in Tippi Toes each week.

We hope that Tippi Toes positively impacts your children as much as your children positively impact our lives!

Some of our littlest dancers at Mommy & Me in Texas

One of our hip hop stars with her favorite Texas teachers!

A precious group of Oklahoma Tippi Toes Stars!

Sweet Oklahoma dancer proud of her Tippi Toes shirt and her mom's new car decal!