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Welcome to the heart of Tippi Toes Dance Company! Here you will find insights from our incredible franchisees, experiences from inside the Tippi Toes dance classes around the country (aka hilarious and sweet things that come straight from our little dancers), a sense of our Tippi Toes culture as well as suggestions for how parents can provide healthy lifestyles for their families.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

PINK - Quick Tips and ADA

Helpful Healthy Quick Ideas
~Never go to the store hungry
~Go on a "nature walk" outside rather than being sedentary inside! Bring a basket and let them find treasures! Free, easy and convenient!
~Encourage your child to pick out any fruit or veggie to try while shopping with you. They will feel ownership from this and will love the control of getting to look around and pick out anything! Also, you both can learn about fruit and veggie options.
~Make a fruit shake with your kids! Ice, skim milk, dash of vanilla and some berries or bananas will make a healthy and delicious snack! Remember portion size when you serve them - start will a small glass and if they ask for seconds go ahead!

American Dietetic Association - Eatright.org
The ADA website is a great resource for parents. Here is an excerpt from their website that explains the importance of physical activity:

"Being active at an early age can lead to a lifelong habit of physical activity and promote a healthy weight throughout adolescence and adulthood. Children who participate in exercise can develop a variety of physical, mental and social skills in fun, playful ways like team sports, bike riding or just playing tag.
Children and teenagers should be physically active for 60 minutes every day, or most days. Parents can help teach these skills and reinforce the importance of the physical activity part of the equation by being good role models. According to a study by the American Dietetic Association Foundation, children chose parents — not celebrities or sports figures — as their number one role model, regardless of the child's age. Parents can model healthy habits by finding ways to be active in their daily routines and making activity a household priority."

Monday, April 18, 2011

Let's Boogie Inside Look

Creating a CD is such a major project, but we thought we would share some of the fun behind the scenes details!

So Sarah and I write all of the lyrics to the songs which is such a funny process!!! For a children's CD there really are no rules and your lyrics can be off the walls silly and in fact that normally appeals more to the kids!! So whether it is a song about dreaming of blue bunnies or a song about ants in my pants, we know the kids will love it!
We spend 1 to 2 months creating the lyrics and helping each other fine tune them, then the most excruciating part comes next (at least for me)! We have to record ourselves singing the song as we have written it and then send that to Joey Davila the music producer! I can only imagine the belly laughs Joey gets as he sits there listening to my horrifying singing (I won't throw Sarah under the bus too, but let's just say singing doesn't run in our family)!!
Then Joey creates all the music, beats, etc to go with the CD. We have a friend Leslie Fiscus who comes in to the studio for 3-5 days and whips out her incredible pipes which make the songs come alive!
And just like that we have a CD!!!
Then comes the CD case design! Sarah and I decide what type of jewel case to use for the CD.  We receive samples of several different types and then choose!  
The Tippi Toes Lets Boogie CD cover was a breeze for us because we had the talented Kate McElroy design the entire jacket which took her only about a week!!! When you see the cover you will be amazed she created it in only a week!
The final step is sending the music and artwork off to be mastered and duplicated. After 4-12 weeks, the day the delivery arrives with our CDs is better than Christmas! We open the box with such excitement and a sense of pride for everyone involved in the creative process! Then we cannot wait to get it in the hands of our dancers and supporters!

Now wasn't that just like watching a Sesame Street special about how to make crayons :)

Tippi Toes Let's Boogie CD
Available from your local Tippi Toes Franchise Owner,
our Tippi Toes Boutique or on iTunes

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Profile: Andrea Dangel Franchise Owner Cincinnati - the first franchise owner!

My name is Andrea Dangel and I am the franchise owner of Tippi Toes in Cincinnati, Ohio.  From ages 4-18, I was enrolled in dance classes such as ballet, tap, and jazz.  After graduating college, I became a high school teacher and coached cheerleading in my free time. 

After having 4 beautiful children with my husband and being a teacher for 20 years, I started realizing I missed dancing and performing.  I was surfing the Internet and came across Tippi Toes Dance Company.  I fell in love with the franchisor’s philosophy of teaching dance to children and so wanted to be a part of this team.

In the spring of May 2009, I became a proud franchise owner of Tippi Toes.  I have never been happier in my life because I am providing the joy of dance to my students and running a successful business.

The best part of my day at Tippi Toes is when I see the beautiful smiles of our dance students before, during, and after class.   

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

PINK - You are the Model for Your Kids!

You are the Model for Your Kids
"Your preschooler is capable of observing what you eat, and being influenced by that. Don't forget that you are being perceived as this all-knowing person, and if you eat green beans, it must be the thing to do. You don't have to say another word. All you have to do is enjoy your green beans. Observing that, your child will make the assumption that he, too, will eat green beans. If not today, then someday. It is just a matter of time."

This passage is from How to get Your Kid to Eat...But Not Too Much by Ellyn Satter. This book is a wonderful resource for parents of kids from newborns to teenagers.

Sometime as parents it is easy to forget that we are our children's number one role model. Next time you are thinking about skipping your walk/workout or driving through the drive through for dinner think about the message that is sending to your kids. Let your kids be your inspiration to be the best model of health for them!