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Welcome to the heart of Tippi Toes Dance Company! Here you will find insights from our incredible franchisees, experiences from inside the Tippi Toes dance classes around the country (aka hilarious and sweet things that come straight from our little dancers), a sense of our Tippi Toes culture as well as suggestions for how parents can provide healthy lifestyles for their families.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Tippi Toes hit list for - Hottest New Franchise!

It was so fun today to see an article written showing Tippi Toes
 is one of the Hottest New Franchises! We think so! 
Mostly because the amazing women owning Tippi Toes all across 
the country. It is thanks to each of them, their hard work + 
success that makes us shine! 2012 we have already expanded
 to DC, South Carolina, Illinois! See the article below!
To the extent that prospective franchisees
 can achieve greater financial rewards with
 a well-chosen, growing franchise than with
 one that may have already reached its potential, 
Bond’s Hottest New Franchises promotes those
 companies that have less than 50 operating units
 and which provide great potential for 
entrepreneurial franchisees. Eligible 
companies are listed on this 
website, as well as in the annual 
Bond’s Hottest New Franchises publication.

Tippi Toes Dance Company

Tippi Toes Dance Company
Tippi Toes Dance Company is a family business
 dedicated to the happiness of children and their
 families. Tippi Toes’ goal is to help children develop
 a love for dancing which promotes healthy living
 habits, builds self-confidence, and a love for others.
 Classes are specifically designed to develop motor
 skills and body awareness — Tippi Toes wants to
 help every child’s self-esteem while developing their
 imagination, critical thinking, and sharpening both
 cognitive and creative skills.
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Total Outlets479