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Welcome to the heart of Tippi Toes Dance Company! Here you will find insights from our incredible franchisees, experiences from inside the Tippi Toes dance classes around the country (aka hilarious and sweet things that come straight from our little dancers), a sense of our Tippi Toes culture as well as suggestions for how parents can provide healthy lifestyles for their families.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sarah Nuse CEO of Tippi Toes Dance Company

My name is Sarah Nuse and I am the founder and president of Tippi Toes Dance Company. It seems as if Tippi Toes has always been apart of my life. I have danced since I was a little girl and I remember when we would have career days in grade school I would always dress up as either a dance teacher or a schoolteacher. I know God designed me to run Tippi Toes, I just had not idea how much he would bless my life through it. 
I have been married to my husband Adam since 2004 and we have 2 children Lucy (2 ½) and Lola (1) and a baby on the way due in July. We live in Corpus Christi, Texas where Adam works as the Vice President of the Corpus Christi Hooks, a minor league team of the Houston Astros.  We are blessed by the simple things in life and get our greatest joy comes from our family. Adam and I began dating a year after I started Tippi Toes. He has been a solid rock helping me dream and reach goals the whole way through. He is such a contributor and an outside the box thinker and I contribute so much of our success to him and his wild ideas!
I remember on my 3rd year of running Tippi Toes in Norman, Oklahoma Adam and I made a goal sheet that I stuck on my bathroom mirror. The goal was to for me to teach, 25 kids, then being crazy we had another goal of me teaching 50 kids. Now looking at Tippi Toes as a whole we have close to 1000 students enrolled in our program. It is amazing the work God will do, when we put in the determination and dedication.
I get the most joy with Tippi Toes when I am in class teaching. I love seeing the excitement in the children’s faces, I love helping build their imaginations and I love watching them just get the chance to be silly. I have gotten to see Tippi Toes in a whole new light from being a dance teacher to a parent. I get to see my company through the eyes of my children. There is so much joy in that!
Miss Lucy
Miss Lola
Another one of my favorite things about Tippi Toes is when we have an outside the box idea and go with it. When we take big leaps by creating a new CD, new dances and new material. I love that we have franchised Tippi Toes. We have the best people on board with us. The women that work with Tippi Toes all see our vision and together we work as a team. We root each other on and hope for the best. We can share ideas, struggles and victories. It is so refreshing to see so many determined wives, mothers and business owners wrapped up in one. Another one of God’s many blessings to Tippi Toes.
My life at this point is a true balancing act: wife, mother, and business owner. I have to choose carefully the tasks for the day and make sure that what I am doing is worth it. I owe it first to my husband and my girls to be the best to them. I remember when I had my first daughter people always told me “it goes so fast.” I have held onto that and have chosen that I want to stay at home with my girls for the short time before they go off to school. It is amazing and good for me but sometimes hard to balance.
Our vision is unshaken and we know exactly where we are headed. We know how we want Tippi Toes to impact the children we teach and the families we service. My dream is that Tippi Toes continues to bless families around the globe. 


  1. Congratulations! I just saw you on Shark tank...you were very impressive. May I ask who did your artwork for the logo & banner?

  2. I just saw you on Shark Tank. Congratulations! It was very well-executed. =)

  3. Sarah- I just watched you on TV, and said to my husband "I know her! But I can't remember how." We live in Nashville now, so I wasn't sure if I was making it all up, but I looked you up and here it says Norman, OK. I can't figure it out.